4th International Conference on 'Computing, Communication and Sensor Network', date: 24-25th December, 2015, in Kolkata, India.


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002              ALOK KUMAR SRIVASTAV

003              KUMAR NITESH

004              KOMOL SHARMA

005              PANKHUDI JAIN

007              RISHAB MEHRA

008              Dr.R JAGADEESH KANNAN

011              Dr. SANKAR SARKAR

015              ROHIT LORENZO

016              R.SINDHURA

018              K SARATH CHANDRA

020              DIBYENDU SUR


022              SUMAN K. POREL

024              TRIPTI DUTTA

026              Dr.DEBASISH DAS

026              URBASI ROY

027              HARSH GUPTA

029              A.V.S.R.L. BHARADWAJ

033              RUDRA N DASH

035              M.BHAVANA

036              SUBIR K MAITY

037              SRINIVAS Y

039              TARAKESWARI LUKKA

040              DAIZY DEB

041              N  VAMSHIKRISHNA

042              KYATHI AMPILI

043              K ASHWINI

044              K SONALI SWAROOP

047              RABIN K MULLICK

048              M RAMA DEVI


050              CHABUNGBAM LISON SINGH              




051              ANKITA PRAMANIK

052              Dr. Y PADMA SAI

053              R RAJA

054              MANJUL SAIKIA

055              ANINDITA RAY

059              HIMANSHU KUMAR


066              SHRUTHI YERLA

069              MAMATA RATH

073              RINKEE DAS

075              CHINGAKHAM NEETA DEVI


077              ABHIJIT GHATAK

078              MANISHA GUDURI

081              RIFAQAT ALI

082              KAUSHIK RAMANATHAN

083              DEBANGSHU MALLICK

084              SUBRATA THAKUR

087              NARESH K

089              MANASH CHANDA

091              KAUSTOV CHAKRABORTY

092              ARITRA SAHA

093              ANKITA RAY

095              MANISHA GUDURI

096             ABDUR ROHMAN

096             ARCHANA CHUTIA

096             DRUBA K SARGIARY

096             KALYAN GOGOI

096             JAMINI DAS

097             ANURAG CHANGMAI

097            UPANANDAA SARMAH

098            SUBHAS CH. SAHANA

099            S. K. DAS

101           H PROMOD KUMAR


106          SOURAV MONDAL

107           KARAN SHAW

 N.B.  If any dispute/Error/not listed , kindly inform us immediate.

Accommodation List will be published under Accommodation Option.

               Published on : 30/11/2015,  04/12/2015,  6/12/2015,

NOTICE: Paper presenters should take 3 copies of print copy of his paper and distribute to the Judges at the time of paper presentation, they will write comments on the copy . After completion of presentation author should collect these copies and take home. These comments will help for revising the paper again. Judges will give marks in separate format, Highest of average of these marks will generate Best Paper Award.

Dress Code: It is a conference of Professors/Scientists/Engineers and Management Executives. In December 24th and 25th , in Kolkata, it will be Cold Season. So, delegates should wear Complete Suit, Tie /Blazer-Tie/Full Safari/or any Executive Dress (it is optional). 


We have started to notify paper acceptance notice to the concern authors. We have sent email to the authors of (upto paper ID 55) till 15th Oct. 2015. After receiving the review report we shall send the acceptance notice gradually. If you are receiving the paper acceptance notice or email sent by us properly, kindly send us an acknowledgement that you have received our email. Sometime, emails are stored in spam/other folders which are not opened by users generally. Revised paper/Modified papers should be uploaded in cmt/microsoft site where you have uploaded papers. 

                                                                        Noticed on 15/10/2015 


Registration should be done to our bank account through online/NEFT money transfer, option is there for sending DD. Bank particulars will be published soon in this page. . Soft copy of Registration form should be sent to this email address and a cc copy should be sent to [email protected] also. 


Dr.Moumita Mukherjee,   Organizing Secretary, CCSN2015

AA-263, Sector-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064, India

email: [email protected]


Account Number:  01440110012086
Account Name:  Computing Communication and Sensor Network
Bank Name: United Commercial Bank ( in short UCO Bank)
Bank  Address: Subhadra Market, 1st Floor, Rourkela-769001, Orissa, India.
Account Type: Savings.
IFS code:  UCBA 0000144


If DD/Bank Draft is required to send,  DD will be sent to the address given below :

Prof.Dulal Acharjee, General Chair, CCSN2015

C/O: Bhajan Lal Banerjee

53, Teachers Colony


Kolkata-700109, West Benagal


Registration Fee mentioned is for a delegate/author only. Registration is required for each paper separately. If an author has more than one paper, he has to register each paper separately. Send softcopy of registration form to email of  Dr.Moumita Mukherjee . Registration Fee should be submitted as online/NEFT  to our Bank Account.(account number /details mentioned below).

REGISTRATION FEES (For India and SAARC Countries)

Faculty member/industry executive/Ph.D students:   Rs.7500/=      

Students registration fees : Rs.6500/-

Listeners  : Rs.6500/- ,                                        

For delegates of other countries = $250(USD)

Registration fee is for a single delegate.

(for members of IEEE(EDS) Kolkata Chapter, registration fee is less Rs.500/-, that is for faculty/employee Rs.7000/ and for student members Rs.6000/)

(N.B. once paid, registration fee is non refundable)

Registration Fees will cover : registration kits, working time Lunch/snacks, tiffins/breakfast, participation certificates.

Best papers award as 1st and 2nd Prizes will be provided with certificates. After conference, other services as processing papers by Guest Editors, and then forwarding to the journals (as per journals requirements). For Journal Publication, after conference, Guest Editors will communicate to the authors. 


Publication will be in Proceeding Book having ISBN number with full paper of maximum six pages. Paper should contain title of the paper, author/s name, affiliation of authors(designation, but do not mention student in place of designation), institute/company name, address, email address etc. 

Review process will be like: ( We follow different Revision/Review Systems):

a. For proceeding book, papers  will be reviewed by two reviewers and all accepted and registered papers will be published in Proceeding Book of CCSN2015.

For Journal Publications:

b. After conference, according to the feed back given by Judges, paper will be grouped for three journals( Journal of Microsystem Technologies(springer), IJCA and IJCAES).

 Three Guest editors will give call to authors for submitting revised versions, if guest editor is satisfied then he will allow authors for uploading the paper in selected journals. Then, Papers will go for double blind review process organized by guest editor and journal authorithy. Finally, journals will publish/reject according the feedback of reviewer .

Accepting in conference , CCSN2015, does not guarantee for journal publication.You have to follow the guideline and standard of the Journals. 


Bank Account Particulars:
Account Number:  01440110012086
Account Name:  Computing Communication and Sensor Network
Bank Name: United Commercial Bank ( in short UCO Bank)
Bank Branch Address: Subhadra Market, 1st Floor, Rourkela-769001, Orissa, India.
Account Type: Savings.
IFS code:  UCBA 0000144
(for international money transfer the SWIFT code is : UCBAINBB134    (this is the code of another branch of Kolkata head office of this bank, or SWIFT code of any other branch of UCO Bank which deal Dollar/URO transfer can be used)

N.B. The organizing committee has all rights to change/edit any options of the conference.


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Below: (1) Photo of delegates of CCSN2014 Conference who participated in Tour Program at Konark Temple, Odisha, India.