4th International Conference on 'Computing, Communication and Sensor Network', date: 24-25th December, 2015, in Kolkata, India.


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Photo of delegates/experts in CCSN2014, Valedictory Sessions, at Hotel

Puri Resort, Puri, Odisha, India.

A delegate is giving feedback in valedictory session of CCSN2014. here to edi

SL.     NAME                                      PAPER ID        STATUS
19    MS. M RAMA DEVI  (F)            48                  STUDENT
20    MS.(DR.) Y PADMA SAI(F)      52                   PROFESSOR           
21    MS.MANISHA GUDURI(F)      78&95              STUDENT
22    MS.KOMOL SHARMA(F)          04                  PROFESSOR
23    SUMON K POREL                     22                  PROFESSOR
24    SRINIVAS Y                               37                  PROFESSOR
25    CHABUNGBAM L SINGH         50                  Ph.D Scholar
26    R RAJA                                       53                 Ph.D Scholar
27    MANAS CHANDA                     89                 Ph.D Scholar
28    SUBHAS CH SAHANA              98                 PROFESSOR
29    Dr.PUNYABAN PATEL                                   GUEST
30    DAMODARA NIDIGANTI         105               STUDENT
31    ANURAG CHANGMAI               97                STUDENT
32    UPANANDA SARMAH              97                 STUDENT

SL       NAME                                      PAPER ID        STATUS
01       KUMAR NITESH                           003              STUDENT
02       ROHIT LORENZO                          015              Ph.D STUDENT
03       HARSH GUPTA                              027              STUDENT
04       AVSRL BHARADWAJ                    029              STUDENT
05       N VANSIKRISHNA                         041              STUDENT          06      HIMANSU KUMAR                         059             STUDENT
 07     CHANDRA MAULESWAR              076              Ph.D STUDENT
 08     RIFAQAT ALI                                   081              JRF
 09     NARESH KORE                                087              STUDENT
 10     ABDUR ROHMAN                            096             STUDENT
 11     DHRUBA K SARGIARY                   096             STUDENT
 12     KALYAN GOGOI                               096             STUDENT
13      SOUROV K  DAS                              099             STUDENT         14      H PROMOD KUMAR                        101             STUDENT
 15     MS.TARAESWARI LUKA(F)           039             STUDENT
 16     MS.KYTHI AMPILI(F)                    042              STUDENT
 17     MS.ARCHANA CHUTIA(F)           096              STUDENT
 18     MS. JAMINI DAS(F)                       096             STUDENT

 This list is prepared from the data of Registration Form who have asked for Accommodation help.

N.B. Payments for hotels for the STUDENTS/GUEST will be paid by conference committee of CCSN for maximum of two nights, if more nights they need to stay , they have to bear that charge. Other delegates as Professor/Faculty/Ph.D Scholar/JRF should pay hotel charge by themselves. Double/Triple bed room charge is Rs.700-1100, they have to pay Rs.350/- per night, those who want better accommodation   can stay Hotel Shefali Delux by own payment ( address mentioned below), or they can arrange ownselves.  All delegates should have photo Identity card as required for hotel room booking. Delegates should arrange ownselves to reach at Venues of both days. Kindly note that checkout  time is 9:00AM.

If any errors found in list inform us immediate.

                                                                                                                                                                 Notified on  18/12/2015


Limited number of rooms are available of the delegates under Student category. We shall book some rooms in the two hotel/guest house:

For students, accommodations for maximum of two nights will be provided in hostel/hotel/guest house , no extra fee will be required for that. Within registration fee, accommodation, working time Lunch, tea -snack, registration kits etc. will be provided.

For Faculty members/industry people, they may arrange accommodation by ownself, we shall give many hotel names or they may arrange by own.

If anyone can't manage own accommodation may contact us.

N.B. for staying in Hotel/hostel delegates should have xerox copy of valid photo ID card with them . For any circumstances like weather calamity, disaster or political reasons if delegates need to stay more than two nights they have to pay money to hotel for stay of more than two nights. Conference authority will not be responsible for that. Lady delegates should stay with their own responsibility and security, for that they may come with their group members/friends(if they think).

Delegates have to arrange ownselves to attend Conference Venue from hotel/hostel by their own arrangement.


( our delegates/guests will stay in these two hotel/lodges)

1. Calcutta Lodge  ( beside Sealdah North Station, towards Raja Bazar Science College)

   (opposite of Taki Govt. School, it is 5 minutes walking distance from Sealdah Station)

   68B,  A.P.C. Roy Road, Kolkata-700009

   phone:033-2895-1021, 2067,   mob: 9830153298, 9830879298

   email: [email protected]


    (beside Dental college/hospital, nearby Sealdah Station)

    113A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700014

    phone : 033-22274230, 22274231,  mob: 7059870262


Those , who want better/private accommodation , they may contact:and book by own payment.

                                           You can click to http://micro-2014.webs.com    for many more hotel names.

3. HOTEL SEFALI DELUX    ( opposite of Sealdah North Station)

    28, A.P.C. Roy Road, Kolkata-700009

phone:033-23525605, mob: 9831715470, 9830153298

email: [email protected]

( room rent: about Rs.1800-2500 ( 2BD, 3BD, 4BD ETC.)

List of some delegates who have sent us the request for accommodations and journey plan

PAPER ID             NAME                                         HOTEL/LODGE





                    For any discussion about accommodation :contact

                    Prof.Dulal Acharjee, General Chair, CCSN2015,  email: [email protected]

                    Mobile: 08420582707


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