4th International Conference on 'Computing, Communication and Sensor Network', date: 24-25th December, 2015, in Kolkata, India.


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CCSN2015: Technical Sessions

(1) Date:24/12/2015    Time: 11:30 to 1:30PM, Venue: CRUISE (MV PARAMHANSA)                          Technical Session-I: "Wireless and Mobile Communication"

Technical Talk by: Prof.B. P. Sinha, Professor, ISI, Kolkata (11:30-12:15PM)

Session Chairman: 

Prof. Debasish Das, Kalyani University, W.B.  and

Dr. Bish Ray, President, Aetherspectrum Incorp., Canada

Paper Presentation:      Paper ID= 26, 53, 24, 105, 50, 59, 107

 **** LUNCH BREAK:  1:30 -  2:00PM  : Venue: CRUISE(MV PARAMHANSA) *****


Prof.S P Maity, IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah

Dr.Sandip Rakshit, Kaziranga University, Assam

Dr.Debashis De, MAKAUT, Kolkata


(2)Date:24/12/2015    Time: 2:00 to 4:00, Venue: CRUISE (MV PARAMHANSA)

    Technical Session-II: "VLSI , Circuit Design and Testing"

Technical Talk by: Prof. Soumya Pandit, University of Calcutta, Chairman, IEEE-EDS Kolkata Section. (2:00-2:30PM).

Session Chairman:

Prof. B. P. Sinha, ISI, Kolkata    and

Prof. Y Padma Sai, HOD & Professor, VNRVJIET, Hyderabad,

Paper Presentation : Paper ID=7, 15, 22, 36, 37, 43, 73, 76, 89, 95


Prof.Chandan Sarkar, Jadavpur University,

Dr. R Jagdeesh Kannan, VIT University, Chennai 

Dr.Prabir Saha, NIT, Meghalaya


(3)Date:24/12/2015:  Time: 4:00 to 5:00Pm, Venue: CRUISE(MV PARAMHANSA)

Technical Session-III: "Wireless Network, Security and Engineering Applications"

Session Chairman:

Prof. S. P. Maity, Professor, IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah, W.B.  and

Prof. R. Jagdeesh Kannan, VIT University, Chennai

 Paper Presentation Paper ID= 54, 81, 84, 98, 91, 4


Prof. J K Mandal, Kalyani University, W.B.

Dr.Besh Ray, Aetherspectrum Incor., Canada

Prof.Soumya Pandit, University of Calcutta, and Chairman IEEE-EDS Kolkata.


CRUISE SHIP will reach at VIVADA JETTY at 5:00pm.

                               ****** END OF  1ST DAY PROGRAM  ********


(4) Date:25/12/2015: Time:9:30-12:00  Venue: Seminar Hall, Science City,Kolkata

Technical Session-IV: "Cloud and Internet Technology with Applications"

Technical Talk by:(9:30-10:00am) Prof.Pinaki Pal, ISI, Kolkata, 

Session Chairman:

Prof. B.N.Chatterji, IIT, Kharagpur, (retd.)

Prof.J K Mandal, Kalyani University, W.B.

                             Paper ID=5, 11, 83, 27, 64, 66,77, 92


Dr.Besh Ray, President, Aetherspectrum Incorp., Canada

Dr.Punyaban Patel, CSIT, Chattishgarh

Dr.Sandip Rakshit, Kaziranga University, Assam


(5) Date:25/12/2015: Time:12:00-1:30PM  Venue:Science City,Kolkata

Technical Session-V:" Signal, Sensor Network & Ad-hoc Network"
Technical Talk by:(12:-12:30) Prof. S. P. Maity, IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah

Session Chairman:
Dr.Debashis De, HOD,CSE, MAKAUT, SaltLake, Kolkata
Dr.Sandip Rakshit, Dean, Kaziranga University, Assam

Paper ID= 55, 3, 42, 99, 47, 49, 69

Dr.S.P.Maity, IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah, W.B.
Dr.Soumya Pandit, University of Calcutta
Dr.Debasish Das, Kalyani University, W.B.
       *****LUNCH  BREAK  and Poster Paper Presentation: 1:00 -  2:30 PM *******
       Poster Paper ID = 18 , 29, 39, 101
(You will make decorated poster/flex of sizes about 4ft. by 2.5ft. , demonstrate when Judges will move beside these papers/posters, posters should contain main theme , diagram, output etc.)
(6) Date:25/12/2015: Time:1:30-3:30  Venue:Science City,Kolkata

 Technical Talk by: (1:30-2:00) Dr. Bish Ray, President, Aetherspectrum Incorp., Canada.

 Topic : "IoT and Imact on Telecom wireless Carrier"

Session Chairman:
Prof. J. K. Mandal, Kalyani University, W.B.
Prof.Punyaban Patel, Professor, CSIT, Chhattishgarh

                        Paper ID= 40, 106, 20, 75, 44, 96, 48, 51, 8, 52, 87, 93

Prof.B.N.Chatterji, IIT, Kharagpur, rtd.
Prof. Y Padma Sai, VNRVJIET, Hyderabad, Telengana
Prof. Sandip Rakshit, Kaziranga University, Assam.
(7) Date:25/12/2015: Time:3:30- 5:00  Venue:Science City, Kolkata

Technical Session-VII: "Circuit and System Design and Testing"
Session Chairman:
Prof. Chandan Sarkar, Jadavpur University, and Chairman, IEEE, Kolkata region
Dr. Bish Ray, President, Aetherspectrm Incorp, Canada.

   Paper  Presentation:                     Paper ID= 2, 78, 21, 97, 33, 35, 41, 82

Dr.Prabir Saha, NIT, Meghalaya
Dr.Moumita Mukherjee, Barasat University
Dr. R Jagadeesh Kannan, VIT University, Chennai
Dr.Soumya Pandit, University o Calcutta

CULTURAL PROGRAM:  5:00-5:30PM  by:

                              Mr.Sanjit Gongyopadhyay and Mrs.Sumita Gongyopadhyay.


5:30-5:40 Photo Sessions

***** END OF CONFERENCE *******

N.B. certificates will be given immediate after ending each session.

If any dispute/errors kindly inform us immediate.

                                                                      Notified on : 10/12/2015,   17/12/2015



Papers for CCSN2015 should be of type: research paper, survey paper, tutorial paper. This document will be considered as standard template of paper preparation in all respects like header, paragraph-header, fonts, space, two-columns, caption of figure, reference etc. Paper page limit is maximum six pages of A4 size paper. The Title of the paper should be of 14 points, authors names are of 11 points, affiliations and other body points should be of 10 points of Times New Roman font. Sample  of a paper template is available in our google drive. Authors should follow all other points mentioned in this papers as caption of figure(9pts), caption of Tables(8pts capital letter), equations numbering should be right aligned as fonts mentioned here. No page numbers should be inserted. Header should contain the conference name as mentioned in this document. References should be inserted as [3][4] within third brackets.

Drawing Figures:

All figures should be in black and white color. Our proceeding book is printed in B/W color. Some Color figures become non visible after printing in B/W.  Drawing figures, the common problems are: placing all components inside a same figure, putting text inside the boxes, giving arrow symbol, making label text inside. To solve these problems, it is suggested to draw figure within a canvas drawing area(in word-it is available insert>shapes>new drawing canvas). In different versions of word it may be found in different menu-submenu. But drawing must be within a fixed boundary that if texts of the paper is deleted or edited, components of figures may remain in same positions. You may use printscreen, crop, and paste facility to make diagram as a picture. MSWord version is required for the printing press where reediting(in some cases) become easier for press people. They need MSWord version of the paper.

Conference Proceedings will be published through reputed publishers with ISBN numbers and extended versions of selected papers presented in the CCSN-2015 will be invited for publication forwarding to in an issue of any of the International Journal:

Post conference, Online Journal Publications:

According the score of the paper, selected good papers will be recommended for publications in any of these journals:

(1) Special edition of 'Micro System Technologies' of Springer(impact factor: 0.952)  

(2) International Journal of Computer Applications(IJCA) (impact factor: 0.821) and  

(3) IJCAES.(impact factor: 0.395)

(4) CAE(Communications on Applied Electronics)

Impact factor, indexes and other information about these journals are available in their websites also.

Free accommodation in hotel/hostel for maximum of two nights will be provided for registered student authors.

N.B. accepting paper in CCSN2015 does not confirm publications in online journal.
Below: CCSN2014: Tour program at last day : delegates at Konark Temple, Odisha,India.